"For our Phase II Cardiovascular study, the MGH core lab worked very well with our clinical operations team as the selected central imaging laboratory.  Setup of the study was well understood by the project manager at the start and the flow of the images from the clinical site to the reading center was handled very well.  Project management was very active in understanding the current recruitment of the study and this helped to facilitate images to be received, read and reported in a timely manner to make sure the objectives of the trial were met.   As PET/MRI imaging was the primary endpoint for this trial, the core imaging lab was central to the success and delivery of results for the trial and the MGH core lab handled all aspects professionally and with customer focus in mind."
> Sr. Clinical Research Scientist, Industry Partner

“It is a pleasure working with the MGH Cardiovascular Imaging Core Lab.  Their staff members are knowledgeable, extremely organized, and technologically savvy and have no problem meeting deadlines.”
> Director of Clinical Echocardiography, MGH Collaborating Investigator

"We recently completed an imaging study in over 3,000 subjects with the Cardiovascular Imaging Core at MGH.  Their team established an outstanding imaging protocol, collected all images, and conducted measurements using collaboratively developed read methodology that allowed us to investigate several important cardiovascular endpoints and quantitative fat measurements.  Measurements were completed in a timely manner and according to specifications, and we were able to initiate research immediately after the completion of imaging.  We are extremely pleased with the results and it would be my pleasure to work with them again"
> Scientific Director, Academic Partner

From a Data Management perspective, the study worked through the study set-up, data collection and data delivery processes almost seamlessly.  During the set-up phase, MGH was very accommodating in agreeing to provide the imaging data per our requested format and specifications.  During the in-stream data collection and review processes, MGH offered quick turn-around times on queries, and ultimately MGH delivered the final data on time and as promised.    MGH is certainly a vendor I would work with again!
> Data Manager, Industry Partner

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