Selected Past Publications on Image Processing and Computational Techniques

> Singh S, Kalra MK, Hsieh J, Licato PE, Do S, Pien H, Blake MA. Abdominal CT: comparison of adaptive statistical iterative and filtered back projection reconstruction techniques. Radiology, 2010, 257(2), 373-83.

> Prakash P, Kalra MK, Digumarthy S, Hsieh J, Pien H, Singh S, Gilman MD, Shepard JA. Radiation dose reduction with chest computed tomography using adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction technique: initial experience. J. Comp. Asst. Tomography, 2010, 34(1), 40-45.

> Do S, Karl WC, Kalra MK, Brady TJ, Pien H. Clinical low-dose CT image reconstruction using high-order total-variation techniques. 2010 SPIE Medical Imaging Conference: Physics of Medical Imaging (San Diego, CA), Feb 2010.

> Do S, Karl WC, Kalra MK, Brady TJ, Pien H. A variational approach for reconstructing low dose images in clinical helical CT. IEEE Int’l Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (Rotterdam, Netherlands), April 2010.

> He L, Orten B, Do S, Karl WC, Kambadakone A, Sahani DV, Pien H. A spatio-temporal deconvolution method to improve perfusion CT quantification. IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging, 2010, 29(5): 1182-1191.

> Prakash P, Kalra MK, Kambadakone AK, Pien H, Hsieh J, Blake MA, Sahani DV. Reducing abdominal CT radiation dose with adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction technique. Investigative Radiology, 2010, 45(4), 202-210.


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