Imaging based visualization of cardiovascular disease is increasingly used to validate the accuracy of competing diagnostic tests, to demonstrate the efficacy of medical interventions, or to determine the improvements in patient management both for clinical or economical endpoints.

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> CVIC provides services for a variety of trial types and sizes, engaging in both industry-funded and federal-funded clinical trials, as well as partnerships with other academic institutions for specialized services. Above is a display of our trials by type.

This development is based on the increased utilization of diagnostic testing in an economically challenged environment, the realization that imaging based endpoints may provide an effective preliminary assessment for drug efficacy in humans before outcomes from phase III type studies, the need to provide proof of efficacy and efficiency of currently available and new diagnostic tests, the opportunity to improve risk stratification and management of asymptomatic patients by assessment of subclinical disease.

While a number of industrial imaging CRO’s provide core lab services for clinical trials involving imaging, these services are often restricted to commonly clinically applied tests and measures especially in the arena of cancer trials and research. In contrast, most of cardiovascular imaging requires advanced imaging equipment, specific expertise in data acquisition, postprocessing and data interpretation which is often not available in industrial imaging CRO’s. Such expertise is often available at leading academic institutions. However, lack of administrative resources, man power, space, and time often prevent academic institutions to engage in ARO activities.

As a part of the MGH cardiovascular community the CVIC Lab can provide such resources. In addition, the Cardiac MR PET CT Program has built a tremendous expertise in all aspects of cardiovascular imaging research over the last years. The synergy between medical and research expertise of the Cardiac MR PET CT Program and the structure and expertise of the CVIC Lab will provide an exceptional environment for developing a premier ARO in cardiovascular imaging.

The vision of CVIC is to become a recognized national leader in the conduct and performance of cardiovascular imaging clinical trials.  To achieve this vision, CVIC aims to:

  • Provide outstanding services for (1) site management, (2) data management, and (3) data interpretation for cardiovascular imaging studies
  • Advance standards and promote best practices of the highest quality image interpretation through education and conduct of trials
  • Establish a library of quantitative imaging biomarkers in cardiovascular imaging that will enhance clinical trials
  • Facilitate the rapid translation of leading-edge developments into clinical practic

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